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Treatments and natural remedies of high blood pressure

Many people have no idea they have high blood pressure, because there are often no symptoms. Your doctor will usually check to see where you fall between the high, normal and low blood pressure range.

Once you have been diagnosed with hypertension, or high blood pressure, your doctor will often put you on one of the various medications to control it. The drugs available range from ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitors to ARB (angiotension receptor blocking) drugs to various other medications new to the market, or used in combination with other drugs.

Natural remedies to hypertension

For those with borderline high blood pressure, many natural remedies will aid in getting it back in the normal range. Even if you are already on medication, certain foods and other natural remedies are helpful in keeping your blood pressure under control.

Lifestyle changes involving a healthy diet and exercise can help lower blood pressure.

1. Improve your diet. Reducing salt intake can help, along with increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables. In general, buy fresh food, rather than packaged, since processing often involves adding salt or other preservatives, which can be harmful.

2. Exercise regularly. This has been shown to help, especially aerobic exercise that involves sweating. In addition, relaxation can help regulate blood pressure. Transcendental meditation has been proven to aid in lowering blood pressure, because it triggers the body’s own self-repair mechanism.

3. Don't smoke or use any tobacco products.

4. Lose weight, if you are overweight.

5. Try relaxation techniques. Meditation, yoga and biofeedback have all been shown to be helpful in lowering your blood pressure.

Natural supplements to adjust your blood pressure

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