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Easy Weight Loss Tips and Secrets

by Judy Camp

Most people cringe at the word "diet", and think of losing weight and healthy eating as something that involves a major change in their lifestyle, which often only lasts for awhile. But you can lose weight and gradually begin to eat healthier, by making a few very simple changes.

1) Plan your snacks. Between meal snacking is one of the hardest habits to why should you? What's important is that you plan your snacks with something low in calories that will also give you some vitamins and minerals. Some suggestions are almonds, fruit, celery or carrot sticks, or sunflower seeds. By planning your snacks, you will avoid visits to the candy machine, and you'll have more self-control when meal time comes around.

2) Walk in place while you watch television. Americans watch an average of four hours of TV per day. Wow! Instead of feeling guilty, just spend at least half an hour of that time walking in place while you watch. Try to vary your movements, sometimes side to side, sometimes sticking your legs out behind you. Throw your arms out in punches as you go. Do two 15-minute segments if you want. Easy stuff, but it works! The best weight loss secrets involve finding what works for you.

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3) Drink lots of water. This one will save you money, too! If you don't like plain water, try adding lemon or orange slices to it. Water helps you burn fat, adds no calories, and can make you feel full faster. Try drinking a glass of water 10 minutes before a meal, which will start your inner clock toward feeling full before you even start eating.

4) The more alive your food, the more alive you will feel. No, I don't mean you should eat raw meat, but it's true for fruits and vegetables, which are not only good for you, but give you lots of energy. Raw is the best, followed by frozen, then canned.

5) Get all your nutrients. Try to balance your eating so you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need. If you are missing one, you may feel sluggish and hungry. So visit a salad bar once a week and give your salad as many colors as possible. Ease your veggies into your diet, by starting each meal with something nutritious, and going from there. Again, not so hard, is it? Many people have been having great luck with acai berry supplements, which are a great natural way to lose weight. We have arranged to provide you with a free bottle of acai berry, to see if they help you. They helped me. I found I didn't have to diet nearly as hard, and if I slipped and ate a big meal, I could take one of the acai berry supplements while I was full, and it helped in the digestion. Try a free bottle of acai berry here.

6) Stop when you are full. Americans are used to huge food portions, which seem to get bigger all the time. We get used to eating past the time we are full, maybe because we were always taught to clean our plates. Well, relearn to stop as soon as you are satified. If you know half a portion is enough, pack up the rest before you start eating. You'll also save money with this one!

These easy weight loss tips can be added to your lifestyle simply, allowing you to lose weight gradually and easily.


Judy Camp is the author of the book, Find Time for What You Love. You can find more information at


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