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Excessive Sweating - Causes and Treatment

Also called hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and even wasteful, causing the person to have to change clothes more often. It can cause the person to withdraw from social contact, and often the stress and anxiety caused by the severe sweating only makes the problem worse. Simple actions like shaking hands can present a problem for sufferers.

Nearly 3% of the population has this ailment, with a variety of causes. Recent studies have primarily found a connection to overactivity in the sympathetic nervous system. Other causes, which will need to be ruled out by a physician, can be obesity, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, menopause, mental illness, and various other disorders. Once these are ruled out, a diagnosis of hyperhidrosis is often made. In about 55% of cases, genetics play a part.

Usually excessive sweating occurs most in the armpits, face, hands, feet and genital area. Face blushing is a related affect, also caused by a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system.

Recent advancements have brought a great deal of relief to sufferers of excessive sweating. Botox injections for example, have stopped the problem in localized areas for many after just a few days. The solution is temporary, however, and must be repeated every six months. And insurance often will not cover the injections, which often cost around $1000 each.

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Special prescription-strength deodorants containing aluminum chloride or over the counter deodorants containing aluminum zirconium can offer relief, but may also irritate the skin.

Oral medications also exist, but often have side effects, such as dry mouth, or the cessation of sweating altogether, which can be dangerous.

A surgical procedure, called Tumescent Liposuction, removes sweat glands from under the arms. In addition, a controversial procedure known as a sympathectomy, can be performed, where the surgeon cuts a portion of the nerve inside the chest, interrupting the brain's signal telling the body to sweat excessively. Not as invasive as in the past, it can now be performed endoscopically, with tiny instruments and a camera. It is still considered a last resort though, since side effects include compensatory sweating in less visible areas.

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